Family Matters

Do you remember Steve Urkel, the nerdy neighbor who’s nasally voice asked repeatedly, “Did I do thaaaaaat?” If you’re scratching your head, let me give you another hint, he was the breakout character for the second-longest running sitcom with a predominately African-American cast in the 1990s. What show is this? You guessed it…Family Matters. Coincidentally, my daughter worked on this hit sitcom, and I now work closely with families, so the title, Family Matters, seems fitting.

I’m Mike Trueblood, and I have been helping family-owned businesses for over a decade.     When not on the golf course, you can find me in my director’s chair — the Director of the Family Business Council. Born in South Dakota, my sisters and I owned and operated a family farm in Iowa before I got my hands dirty in the advertising and marketing fields. Prior to coming on board with the Family Business Council, I was employed as an adjunct professor at USC, UCLA, and Loyola Marymount. When I came to Cal State Fullerton to teach, I jumped at the opportunity to work closely with family-owned businesses and have never looked back.

Nothing is more important than family, and I should know since I have four children and twelve grandchildren! My wife, Phyllis, and I have been married for over 50 years and live in La Canada where we stay active playing tennis. When we aren’t spending time with our brood of children and grandchildren, we are investing time in the community. Recently, I received the honor of being named Big Brother of the Year by the Catholic Big Brothers of Los Angeles, an organization that is close to my heart. I think every moment is an opportunity to make an impact and that is why my role in this organization and the FBC is so important to me.

We call this blog Family Matters simply because it does. We have been providing family-owned businesses with a wealth of information—workshops, seminars, advice and assistance—for over 15 years. We are proud of our role, serving as a valuable resource to help family businesses address the many issues they face every day so they not only survive but thrive. Family Business Council is part of Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at Cal State Fullerton.  You can find me most weekdays in Mihaylo Hall.


About csuffamilybusiness

In 1995 Cal State Fullerton, the third largest business school in the nation, formed the Center for Family Business to assist family businesses in recognizing their common problems and in finding solutions to the unique issues that confront them. The Center's mission is to use education to help family businesses in our region grow and prosper and to keep harmony in the family.
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