The Doctor’s Communication Prescription

“This was appropriate for my work and my personal life.”  “I loved learning how the brain works, and why we act the way we do in certain situations.”  “I learned how to interact better with my family and my employees.”

These are just a few of the comments that we heard at this past Tuesday night’s Family Business Council workshop.   If you missed it, we will soon have the presentation, in its entirety, up on our site. If you were there, then you know that Dr. Lois Lang did an outstanding job telling us all about the “Neuroscience of Communication”, and how we can align our business strategy, and our family relationships.

So often, we find that the number one cause of friction in any relationship, whether it is between co-workers, family members, spouses, or even strangers, stems from a simple misunderstanding, or miscommunication. One of the key points that Dr. Lang discussed was simply to be a better listener.   “Listen, Listen, Listen” was the primary message.

So get ready and stay tuned for the fantastic presentation by Dr. Lang that will be featured on our web site! Also make sure that you register for next month’s workshop on October 12th so you don’t miss a thing!


About csuffamilybusiness

In 1995 Cal State Fullerton, the third largest business school in the nation, formed the Center for Family Business to assist family businesses in recognizing their common problems and in finding solutions to the unique issues that confront them. The Center's mission is to use education to help family businesses in our region grow and prosper and to keep harmony in the family.
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