Family Business Dynamics Course: MGMT 335

Family Business Dynamics: MGMT 335

Graduate with the skills to successfully manage your own family business by taking MGMT 335

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2014 Fall Semester

Mondays 4-6:45 pm

With Dr. Lori Muse, Endowed Chair for the Center for Family Business and 2012 MCBE Outstanding Faculty Member!

Lori with Student Grad


  • Active learning design.
  • Students will interact with and learn from successful family business owners throughout Orange County.
  • Topics of business planning, succession planning, ownership, estate planning, compensation, family meetings, mission statements, conflict resolution, use of outside consultants and Boards of Directors.

Student Testimonials:

“I really enjoyed hearing from all the guest speakers. It gave us an accurate perspective of a family business. I also really enjoyed our field trip to GBS Linens. More courses should offer being in a real world example environment.”

“Thank you for making this class come to life through multiple of guest speakers.”

“Always prepared, friendly, informative, knowledgeable, and approachable.”

“Professor Muse made us think critically about the challenges family business’ face. We had a lot of guest speakers that helped us with the course.”

“I really enjoyed the field trip since it gave the class a chance to really understand a family business.”

“Professor Muse made the class interesting and challenging.”

“Professor Muse is a great professor. I would recommend this course and the professor to other students.”

“Dr. Muse is amazing. This class is about real experience and makes even those who do not have a family business to want to understand them.”


About csuffamilybusiness

In 1995 Cal State Fullerton, the third largest business school in the nation, formed the Center for Family Business to assist family businesses in recognizing their common problems and in finding solutions to the unique issues that confront them. The Center's mission is to use education to help family businesses in our region grow and prosper and to keep harmony in the family.
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