Is Your Family Business a Winning Team?

Date: August 6th, 2014

Time: 7:00-9:00AM

Location: Scott O’Brien Room, Mihaylo Hall

Speaker: Dr. Lori Muse

Topic: Is Your Family Business a Winning Team?

Is your family a highly functional team? Are you one cohesive unit, or are there so many moving parts that your departments work in silos? Come to our next Family Business for Breakfast workshop and learn techniques and ideas to help your family business run more like a team, and less like a group of individuals!

This event will be led by The Rick Muth Endowed Chair for Family Business, Dr. Lori Muse. While you work with other family businesses in the area, Dr. Muse will provide a fun, highly interactive, and profound journey. You will come away with excellent tools you can bring back to work to immediately improve the way your team works together, in the workplace, as well as at home.

Dr. Lori Muse is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management. She received her Ph.D. in Management from Auburn University (2002), where she also earned an M.S. in Human Resource Management and an MBA. Her dissertation is entitled, The Implications of Work-Life Benefits for Employee Work-Family Conflict and Job Attitudes and Behaviors. Her research focuses on the relationship of benefits and work-family conflicts. She completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Akron. She joins us after six years as a faculty member at Western Michigan University. She has several working papers and publications, including articles in the Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Managerial Inquiry and Family Business Review.


About csuffamilybusiness

In 1995 Cal State Fullerton, the third largest business school in the nation, formed the Center for Family Business to assist family businesses in recognizing their common problems and in finding solutions to the unique issues that confront them. The Center's mission is to use education to help family businesses in our region grow and prosper and to keep harmony in the family.
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