The Importance of Governance in the Family Business

While the functions of good family business governance stay the same as the family and the business grow, the forms these governance possesses take may change. As the business passes from the entrepreneurial stage through the second and third generations of family ownership and beyond, the family organization may evolve from informal talks over the dinner table to a family assembly guided by a governing body such as a family council. Similarly, the board may evolve overseeing various units of the family business portfolio.”

  • Craig Aronoff Ph.D. and John Ward Ph.D.

Family business governance is one of the most difficult processes to implement. However, once it is accepted by all family members, the business can truly begin the transfer of leadership from one generation to the next. It is vital to make sure that the proper steps happen at the proper times because if the appropriate foundation is not laid down and agreed upon, it will spell disaster at the first storm it encounters.

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