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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! – CSUF CFBthanksgiving-images9-300x225

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“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone” G.B. Stern

“Saying thank you – it’s everyday etiquette and a simply courtesy that takes just a moment. It costs nothing, not even effort.

But it’s also one of the most important ways in which we interact with others, both those closest to us and those with whom we have contact for the briefest of times.

We say thank you for gifts, thank you for special favors, and thank you for assistance in times of need. But it’s not only the big things where thank you matters. We also say thank you as we’re handed our change in the store, thank you to someone who holds the door for us, and thank you to the person who passes us the salt at dinner.

It’s a phrase that is pretty much ubiquitous. But it’s never unwelcome, and it can mean so much.

Do you say thank you enough?

So, how often do you say thank you? Do you say thank you only to those you love, those you wish to impress or judge to be important? Or do you liberally sprinkle your daily interactions with these two golden words?

How often have you felt bad because you forgot to say thank you, or didn’t take a moment to thank someone properly? And how often have you felt resentful or cross when someone else failed to say thank you to you? ‘They could have at least said thank you!’, you think. Or, ‘how rude! She didn’t even bother to say thank you!’

Many social commentators bemoan how rude people are in modern life. And in particular they despair about how people neglect to be grateful – specifically that they fail to say thank you. In fact, in Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today author Lynn Truss cites the humble ‘thank you’ as one of the major weapons essential to stemming the tide of everyday rudeness.

The message is clear: Forgetting or neglecting to say thank you is rude. Not only does it upset and annoy people, it makes you look bad. However important or busy you are, it’s always right to thank people, however small the thing they have done for you.

But just why is it that saying thank you is so very important? Why do we feel so hurt and let down when someone doesn’t thank us? Isn’t it just an empty ritual? A meaningless reflex?

Well, the fact is that ‘thank you’ has something truly magic about it. Like sorry, it’s just words, but they act as shorthand for so much more. Thank you shows our appreciation and conveys our gratitude. But more than that, it is a sign of respect to the person who has helped you (or given you something). It is an indication you do not take them for granted, and an acknowledgement that they matter. And that is why saying thank you matters.

The Rewards of Saying Thank You

Saying thank you certainly matters to the person you say it to, but it can have great rewards for you too. Sure, you can get a long way without it, but you’ll get a lot further with it!

People who make a habit of saying thank you receive better service. What’s more, they often find that people are ready and willing to ‘go the extra mile’ on their behalf. And of course showing gratitude to family, friends and colleagues will result in positive payback in all kinds of ways, from a happier home life to increased success in business. In fact several well-known business gurus claim that the secret of their success is almost entirely down to taking the time to say thank you.

Perhaps this isn’t so surprising when you consider that studies repeatedly show that thanks and appreciation are in many cases a bigger motivator than a pay rise!

Being polite isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the savvy thing to do.”

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The Value of Independent Directors

Last night’s speaker, Peter Johnson, shared with Center Members the value of having independent directors sit on Family Business Councils and Board of Directors. Johnson claims that independent directors bring with them their experiences, both positive and negative, which can help a company make difficult decisions and learn from the success and failures of others. Johnson also claims that an independent director will be able to ask the tough questions of management, and hold people accountable, without the burden of family baggage and history.

Another salient point that Johnson makes is that, essentially, an independent director will be a breath of fresh air to the company and will provide a new set of eyes to approach topics and dilemmas from different angles and offer a different perspective than what the company has done in the past. Sometimes all a business needs is to look at a challenge in a new light and the issue is able to be resolved easily.

Finally, Johnson says that independent directors provide stability for a company during times of crisis and changes in management, such as, succession by a new generation. An independent director will be able to mentor and coach the next generation so that they can smoothly grow and implement competent leaders of the next generation.

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Save the date: RSM Classic – November 16-22, 2015

Make sure to support CFB partner RSM, as they host the RSM Classic, an official PGA TOUR golf tournament, held on November 16-22, 2015 on the Seaside golf course at Sea Island Golf Club on St. Simon Island, Georgia.

To learn more, visit: www.rsmclassic.comRSM Classic Trophy

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Happy Veteran’s Day from The Center!

Thank you to all those who have served!honoring-pic[1]

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Setting Your Family Business Up for Long-term Success

“Since every family’s membership business interest is unique, so every succession plan must be different as well. There are no fixed solutions, no boilerplate succession plans, no succession plan forms that a family can clone. A family’s failure to consider its uniqueness in developing its own succession plan will almost surely spell failure. Indeed, some families may even conclude that they are unable to develop a traditional succession plan, since they have no qualified successor. The succession plan for these families may be to hire professional managers to run the business upon the retirement or demise of a leader or, in some cases, to sell the family business. While this succession plan may be fraught with hard feelings and regret, a decision to pass on the leadership reins of a family business to an unqualified family member risks financial disaster or ruin for the entire family.

While there is no such thing as a generic succession plan, there are, nevertheless, experience and judgement that suggest certain features of the succession planning process are important for most family businesses. “

“The Successful Family Business” – Scott E. Friedman

As Scott Friedman eloquently states, in order to position your company for the most possible success, one needs to create a succession plan that is unique to your own company. While this can be a challenging process, you do not need to do this all on your own; this should be a process that involves all the family members. In addition to the support of your entire family on this endeavor, there are trained professionals who will help tailor your plan to address every part of your family business.

Make sure to attend our November workshop on “Family Business Governance” by Peter Johnson, on November 17th, and learn how to create a custom succession plan and to find the resources to aid you in this process.

To save you and your family members a seat at our upcoming workshop, RSVP here:

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The Peanuts Movie is Fun for the Whole Family!

Looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend?

Check out The Peanuts Movie!

Watch the trailer here:

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The Importance of Governance in the Family Business

While the functions of good family business governance stay the same as the family and the business grow, the forms these governance possesses take may change. As the business passes from the entrepreneurial stage through the second and third generations of family ownership and beyond, the family organization may evolve from informal talks over the dinner table to a family assembly guided by a governing body such as a family council. Similarly, the board may evolve overseeing various units of the family business portfolio.”

  • Craig Aronoff Ph.D. and John Ward Ph.D.

Family business governance is one of the most difficult processes to implement. However, once it is accepted by all family members, the business can truly begin the transfer of leadership from one generation to the next. It is vital to make sure that the proper steps happen at the proper times because if the appropriate foundation is not laid down and agreed upon, it will spell disaster at the first storm it encounters.

Make sure to attend our November workshop on “Family Business Governance” by Peter Johnson, on November 17th, and learn how to avoid the pitfalls of a leadership change.

To save you and your family members a seat and enough food, RSVP here:

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Women’s Business Enterprise West (WBEC-West) Awards Janet Steiner of Thoro Packaging with the WBE Supplier of the Year Class Award

“Women’s Business Enterprise West (WBEC-West) recently awarded Janet Steiner of Thoro Packaging with the prestigious WBE Supplier of the Year Class 3 award.

Thoro Packaging is a manufacturer of folding carton packaging for the medical, pharmaceutical, health and beauty, and gourmet food industries. Unmatched customer service, innovative solutions, and unparalleled quality make Thoro a partner you can rely on. In keeping with their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Thoro consistently invests in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies necessary to provide outstanding packaging and unrivalled customer service resulting in our customer satisfaction rating of over 99%.

“Thoro’s continued investment in the latest technologies and equipment allows us to offer customers exciting new packaging options to help brands sell more,” states Janet Steiner, President and CEO of Thoro Packaging and winner of the WBE Supplier of the Year Class 3 Award at the 12th Annual WBEC-West Strategic Procurement Opportunity Conference & Awards Dinner, on September 15 to 17, 2015 at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, California.

ThoroColor with Digital Litho Technology

ThoroColor is a new short-run packaging solution, using proprietary printing technology to combine the cost benefits of digital printing with the quality of offset printing. ThoroColor matches over 80% of PMS colors. Whether you need 50 cartons or 100,000, ThoroColor offers a cost effective solution without cutting quality or design.


ThoroBrilliance intensifies color, creating vivid detail and vibrant graphics, making your packaging stand out from the competition. Color is enhanced using an expanded color gamut, resulting in a larger range of colors that can be achieved. Add a little color, or add a lot. With ThoroBrilliance your packaging will get your product noticed.

When asked about her recent award, Steiner added, “I was so honored to receive the Supplier of the Year Award – it is such an honor for all 180 employees at Thoro Packaging who work very hard in delighting our customers with quality folding cartons.  The employees were so anxious to see the beautiful trophy when I returned. Through WBENC I have met so many wonderful ladies who are dedicated to their businesses. From our lobby redesign to a title company who assisted with our new building purchase – all went perfectly, thanks to fellow WBE’s. These ladies work hard at their companies. We have WBE customers who have amazing products that Thoro makes the packaging for. It is great to support each other as suppliers, customers, and fellow women business owners.” She concluded by emphasizing, “As women owned businesses, we need to work harder to succeed.  I believe that is why corporations like partnering with us.”

About Janet Steiner

Janet Steiner has been President and CEO of Thoro Packaging since her father stepped down in 1982. She is held in high regard as a leader of an innovative and successful folding carton company. Jan’s passion is creating beautiful folding carton packaging for Thoro’s customers.

Jan is known and often recognized for her enthusiasm, creativity and “Can Do” attitude. She is a sought after speaker and panelist, and is a frequent presenter at many business and community events. Jan has been recognized for many of her contributions by local and national organizations, including Business Woman of the Year award from the National Association of Women Business Owners.”

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